How do I send my ad or materials?

Email is the simplest method for sending us an ad or materials - remember to include the name of your business in the subject line. Before you send us materials—please review the accepted file types section below, and contact us if you have questions.

Email Us Your Ad

My ad is too large to email - Now what?

If the file size of your ad or materials is too large to email, you can upload materials directly to our server. Please contact your account rep for our FTP information.

Can I supply my ad on a disk?

Sure. We like to party like it's 1999 too. If you want to submit your ad on a disk make sure it's on CD-R, CD-RW or DVD.

Accepted File Types

PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
We prefer files distilled using Adobe Acrobat. For best results, please use
the PDF/X-3:2002 (PDF 1.3) settings.

INDD (Adobe InDesign)
These files must be packaged with all linked images and fonts used in the native document. InDesign templates available for download by clicking the ad size shown.

AI (Adobe Illustrator)
Please outline all text in files you supply in this format.

PSD (Adobe Photoshop)
Be sure your document is set to 300dpi.

We would discourage you from sending your ad as a JPG. The JPG format causes all your type to be rasterized, which will lead to it printing blurry & fuzzy.

Additional Guidelines

No crop marks—please.
Please do not include any additional printer markings when you create your PDF.
(ie: crop marks, registration marks, color bars, etc...)

Images and Artwork Requirements
Photographs should be saved as EPS, TIF or JPG format. CMYK color space @ 300dpi.

Please Note

We do not accept ads built in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher or any other program not listed above. If you are unsure about the compatibility of the program you are using, please contact us before you begin building your ad. Keep in mind, we have an award winning design department that can help you create a highly effective advertisement.

Still Have Questions About Your Ad Submission?

Email Us or call 352.372.5468

Would You Like Pricing Information?

Request a Rate Sheet using the form on our contact page.